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About Us


We're supporting the educational efforts of students in Central America.

Opportunity Tree’s commitment is to help children and youth in Central America improve their lives through education. We currently work with students in under-resourced rural communities of Nicaragua & Guatemala.


Meet Our Team

Opportunity Tree's History



In 2008 the founders of Opportunity Tree traveled to Nicargaua to observe a variety of NGOs working there. Through various conversations, they learned that Nicaraguans' priorities lay less in clean water or better access to health care than in education. The people of Nicaragua believe their future will be vastly improved by educational opportunities for their children. They know that rural children are often forced to stop studying early in their secondary school years because of family economic needs.



The founders of Opportunity Tree were moved by the Nicaraguans’ commitment to education and inspired by the realization that a small amount of money can make a significant difference in the lives of young people and their communities. Opportunity Tree was formed in 2011 after extensive research and communication with other NGOs with a goal to facilitate education opportunities for youth in under-resourced areas.

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